Fonder Wallet

Fonder Wallet is the main interface to enter into Fonder Community. It is the place for fonder user to receive reward coins when he is spending within the fonder community merchants online and offline.

Key Features

Simple To Use
Our intuitive user interface and address labeling features makes recivieing and spending crpyto currency simple.
Manage both fiat currency and all your digital assets in one place.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and other digital currencies.
Designed to be secure from any angle of attack, you are in full control of your private keys. With multiple layers of encrption and hash verification protecting your transactions.
Daily Benifits
Receive reward points, discounts and new currency airdrops with access to our growing network of FON Applications such as Fonpoints, Fonmedia, Fonads & Fonstore.
Advanced Features
Hierarchical deterministic addresses. Dynamic transaction fees. Watch Only addresses. Decentralized Crypto Exchange.
Merchant Tools
Fonder wallet enables any one to accept crypto-currency payments for services with zero knowledge of blockchain transactions required.
Access your wallet securely anywhere you go.

Secure Web Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Mobile App Wallet

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