Fon® Applications

A New Business Model Of "Decentralized Ownership".

The Monopolistic Problem
The majority of global internet resources nowadays are controlled by a few Giant IT companies.

These companies have become "obstacles to innovation" and are a "menace to society" due to the lack of competition. They are no longer afraid about complaints and "some even deliberately engineer addictions" according to George Soros.

Decentralized Ownership

We will build a collection of efficient centralized products, services and platforms with a new business model which is characteristic with decentralisation of ownership.

The cAPP Solution

The new business model we propose is inspired by the revolutionary potential of the blockchains and cryptocurrencies to unlock the values hidden inside of an online community. Under the new business model, it can no longer be based on profits to value the success of businesses but rather, the adoption of new cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Digital Ownership
Unlock Value Of Online Community
currency adoption over profits