ICO Guarantee

diamond redeemable

At Same Value

Why We Offer This Guarantee?

As a utility token, the amount you contribute to us in ICO is diamond-redeemable within certain period of time. In case the price of our FON is not as good as you expected within a certain period after the ICO, our guarantee can help contributors mitigate the risks.

Terms & Conditions

  1. It is only eligible to redeem Diamond for those whose contribution in FON pre-ICO and ICO is more than EUR â 2,000 at the time you make payment, because it is insufficient to purchase a diamond for use as a meaningful asset if it is below EUR 2,000.
  2. This diamond-redeemable guarantee is only applicable within the first 6-month period after ICO, and we reserve the right to extend guaranteed period
  3. The price of diamonds to be used to redeem your diamond is the retail price list at www.fonderdiamond.com, which is one of the lowest prices in the worldwide market.
  4. The Diamond redeemable guarantee will be forfeit if the ICO contributors transfer any amount of their FON from the initial wallet address used in the ICO to another wallet address, including any Exchange accounts.
  5. "The same value" to be used to redeem diamond is based on the same currency you used to purchase FON token on ICO. For example, the BTC = 5000EUR when you buy FON on ICO, but after a few months, the value of BTC may increase to 10000EUR when you redeem the diamond, then you can redeem 10000EUR value of diamond.
  6. The ICO diamond redeemable guarantee is only applicable for purchased tokens. Tokens from bounty and marketing rewards are excluded from the guarantee.

We would also like to clarify here that it's not a diamond pegged ICO, and we will also not specifically reserve the diamonds for the ICO contribution, but we will reserve the money for our liability of ICO guarantee.

Fonder Diamond is an existing profitable business and was established as a disrupter to the diamond industry, operating at a much higher efficiency than traditional jewellers.

We will setup at least 1000 showrooms in all major cities of the world by franchise. The franchising Fee is free for FON holders

Franchise Details