Fonder Blockchain

Because of the existing cryptocurrency's inefficiency (speed and cost) in transferring value and uneasiness to be used, it is almost impossible to be used for the regular exchange of value for common people. In order for ordinary people to use Fonder cryptocurrency daily, our cryptocurrency and the underlying block chain must satisfy the following a few requirements:

Native Blockchain

  1. Intuitionistic user interface

    For ordinary people to open a wallet and to sell, buy or transfer an amount of fonder coin as easy as using an email.

  2. Transaction speed

    Allows processing millions of transaction per second

  3. Transaction fees


  4. Scalability

    Hundreds of thousands dApps can be derived from fonder blockchain

Blockchain Platform

Fonder blockchain platform will provide a few inital services

  1. Fonder Cryptocurrency Builder

    This service is to help people to issue their own cryptocurrency without having too much deep knowledge of block chain.

    Compare to other existing platform, besides the simplicity, we will build in more options for monetary tools and bank tools; especially cater for those applications within Fonder community ecosystem.

  2. BNS (Blockchain Address Name Service)

    It's something like the internet's DNS (Domain Name Service) which can help ordinary people easily adopt cryptocurrency.

    We will standardise a protocol for BNS, and hope it will be adopted by crypto-world.

  3. Fonder micropayment system

    Fonder micropayment system is similar to bitcoin Lightning Network which is used to solve the issue of slow transaction speed for cryptocurrency.

    It's a platform for micropayments and a micropayment channel network. It can be used for instant off-chain value transfers between users, bots, and other services. Safety measures will be built into the system to ensure that these transfers are as reliable as on-chain transactions.