A Cryptocurrency That Can Be Used To Buy Diamonds?

Selling diamonds is our business, selling good diamonds is our skill. More details about Fonder Diamond can be found here (http://www.fonderdiamond.com). As a launching pad for the Fonder cryptocurrency, Fonder Diamond is the strategic liquidity channel for Fonder Token (FON).

Fonder token (FON) is the utility token, issued for people to buy diamonds and other jewellery products at Fonder Diamond showroom or website.

  1. What's the value for FON when I use it at Fonder Diamond showroom or website?

    Market value when FON has a healthy liquidity.

    In order to isolate the risk in different part of Fonder ecosystem, and for Fonder Diamond's regular daily operation not to be interrupted, each showroom and online store reserves their right not to accept FON under their solely own judgement, especially before a healthy liquidity created in the period just after ICO finished.

  2. What's the privilege to use FON to buy diamond products at Fonder Diamond?

    The main privilege is to get discount at Fonder Diamond list price, sometime it is really big.

    From time to time, Fonder Diamond will launch marketing campaigns where the discount is so high that Fonder Diamond simply doesn't make a profit.

  3. What's the social contribution for my participation of this Fonder ICO?

    As you may knew, we have a mission to inspire people to "Live A Fonder Life"(URL to mission) , even long before the fonder diamond started

    Your participation of Fonder ICO means joining with us to ignite a movement of "Live A Fonder Life", the humanity in this generation does need a refresh daily of "A Passion, Belief and affection without reasoning".

The ICO that is guaranteed by the redemption of diamonds.

Yes, All ICO participants are guaranteed that their contribution is redeemable by diamonds at same value in your contribution currency from Fonder Diamond within 6 months, with a condition of contribution amount more than USD2000 at the time of redemption.

The redeemable diamond promise will be written into the smart contract and linked to your wallet address, in other words once your allocated fonder token is transferred to another wallet address, the guarantee is forfeited.

Guaranteed period
6 months after ICO closed.
Minimum amount to be eligible for guarantee
USD2000 or equivalent at time of ICO.
At which currency to be guaranteed
Same currency as the inital contribution.

For example when you contributed, you paid by Bitcoin, or any other alt coin, the guaranteed value is the same amount of Bitcoin or other alt coin as you paid by.